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On Monday (July 16), the price of Huangpu fuel oil market rose slightly, boosted by the rise of Singapore paper cargo prices. The benchmark Singapore high sulfur 180CST, the transaction price increased by 5 yuan/ton, the transfer price to yuan/ton, and the Kuti price to yuan/ton

Huangpu spot transaction, 180CST imported from Singapore, no lightering quotation; The quotation for picking up goods in the warehouse fluctuated, and the overall level reached yuan/ton; The bid price of the buyer is stable in an all-round way. The highest bid price/lowest offer is at yuan/ton. This time, the star prairie is the title of the famous painter Van Gogh's work starry sky by wangzhenwei, a Taiwanese ground landscape artist. The bid price difference is up to 90 yuan/ton

no cargo arrived in Huangpu market from the 11th to the 20th, which is good news for digesting market inventory. However, some insiders said that at present, Whampoa buyers' desire to buy imported oil is low, and they prefer domestic oil with low price. Therefore, even if there is good news of scarce delivery in the future, it is expected that the market trading will not be significantly improved

at present, the sales of high sulfur residue is still not smooth. Therefore, although the recent surge in Singapore benchmark price has increased refining costs, the price is still hovering around 2800 yuan/ton. Fortunately, the market demand for first-line oil is still good, and the price is rising. The first-line oil with better quality was expected to have a transaction price of no less than 5000 yuan/ton last week, but today, with the change of the market, some refinery personnel said that it was close to 5100 yuan/ton. At this price, the refinery can get rid of the loss. Under the influence of good market conditions of non-standard oil and high inventory of straight run oil, most refineries have started operation. However, some refineries choose to stop work after their own raw materials are exhausted. According to the person in the refinery, there is no clear plan at present, and they need to wait and see the market situation before making plans

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