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User Huang Ming: buy two Lovol rotary drills in half a month user Huang Ming: buy two Lovol rotary drills in half a month Guide: I am very confident about the quality of Lovol rotary drills. Your service quality and attitude are very good. I earned hundreds of thousands in the first month, so I will order another one, and I will buy more Lovol rotary drills later, To expand the project, Huangming, a customer of Chongqing Lovol rotary drill, signed a purchase agreement every half a month

"I am very confident about the quality of Lovol rotary drilling rigs. Your service quality and attitude are very good. I earned hundreds of thousands in the first month, so I ordered another one, and will buy more Lovol rotary drilling rigs later to expand the project..." this is what Huang Ming, a customer of Chongqing Lovol rotary drilling rigs, said with a smile when signing the agreement to buy the second Lovol rotary drilling rigs every half a month

Huang Ming originally operated many factories and developed smoothly. In 2010, at a party with friends, I heard that friends were discussing the new industry of rotary drilling rig and the new product of Lovol rotary drilling rig. The praise and affirmation of Lovol rotary drilling rig expressed by friends' words immediately aroused Huang Ming's great interest. Huang Ming, who has always been particularly sensitive to business opportunities, immediately became interested in such business opportunities, Immediately learn about Lovol rotary drilling rigs from friends: since 2008, friends have switched to operating rotary drilling rigs, and have successively purchased Lovol fr615, fr622d, fr626 and other drilling rigs. The drilling rigs have good performance, and can generate tens of thousands of profits in one hole. Friends have made a considerable amount of money in the years of operating Lovol rotary drilling rigs. Hearing this, Huang Ming couldn't help but have a more detailed understanding of the drilling rig. The next day, he personally went to several Lovol rotary drilling engineering sites in Chongqing to inspect the working conditions of the drilling rig. He witnessed the high-efficiency output of Lovol rotary drilling, which also strengthened his confidence in Lovol rotary drilling

user Huang Ming: he purchased two Lovol rotary drills in half a month

Huang Ming immediately began to look for construction projects, prepare funds, and make all the preparations for the purchase. Huang Ming came to Lovol heavy industries in Futian to investigate. According to the geological report of Chongqing engineering rock layer provided by Huang Ming, Lovol rotary drill marketing and technical team recommended Lovol fr628d rotary drill, which is equipped with internationally renowned chassis configuration, multi gear control of power head With high rock entry efficiency and strong engineering adaptability, it can adapt to geological construction in complex strata. It is the best type of drilling rig for the project Huang Ming is looking for

to ensure the stability of control, the marketing and R & D technicians of Lovol rotary drill led Huang Ming to visit the production site and experimental site of Lovol fr628d rotary drill in detail, and introduced the performance and configuration of Lovol fr628d rotary drill in detail. As this is the first time to set foot in the unfamiliar industry of rotary drilling rig, Huang Ming is still worried about the project selection and service quality of rotary drilling rig. The leader of Lovol rotary drilling rig saw Mr. Huang's concerns and concerns, introduced in detail the all-round nanny service project of Foton Lovol to Huang Ming, and promised to provide him with qualified operators, It was ensured that the buzzer sounded in Chongqing area and the police officers could provide timely services for his Lovol rotary drilling rig at any time, eliminating Huang Ming's worry and the concern that after-sales electromechanical equipment would adopt analog signal control service. Huang Ming signed an agreement to purchase a fr628d rotary drilling rig on the same day, and immediately paid the down payment to the company to purchase the machine as soon as possible

just after the Spring Festival in 2011, Huang Ming's Lovol fr628d rotary drilling rig successfully started. When the drilling rig arrived at the construction site, Huang Ming also specially held a "massive" commencement ceremony for the drilling rig in order to get a good omen. Facts have also proved the high quality and performance of Lovol rotary drill. The high efficiency performance has also made Huang Ming receive huge profits, and laid the trust of Lovol rotary drill in Huang Ming's heart. Half a month later, Huang Ming came to the company again and ordered a Lovol fr630d rotary drill without hesitation. When Huang Ming was invited to visit the production workshop and test site again, Huang Ming said with a smile: "I have inspected the last time. I have used Lovol products. I am very relieved about their performance and quality. I don't need to inspect any more." Huang Ming also said that he would buy several Lovol rotary drills when he had a bigger goal in the spring tension, compression and fatigue tests under 20KN, and would cooperate with Lovol rotary drills for a long time

the excellent performance of Huang Ming and his two Lovol rotary drills in Chongqing public rental housing and other large-scale engineering projects has won the trust of various engineering project teams. The single source of engineering projects is continuous. Lovol rotary drills have also improved the brand influence in Chongqing. Now Huang Ming and his two Lovol rotary drills are active in major construction sites in Chongqing. While bringing considerable benefits to Huang Ming, It is also helping Chongqing build a better tomorrow

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