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Haikou JinShengDa building materials city and other building materials cities have hidden fire hazards

Haikou JinShengDa building materials city and other building materials cities have hidden fire hazards

August 20, 2014

[China paint information] Haikou Jinlu decoration world "fire camp", a large fire burned tens of millions of yuan, and fire safety issues have attracted the attention of all sectors of society. Is there a fire safety hazard in the building materials city of Haikou? On August 19, through a visit to markets such as Haikou JinShengDa building materials mall, it was found that there were many fire hazards, such as littering goods, not equipped with fire extinguishers, cooking in the shop and so on

JinShengDa building materials mall: fire extinguishers are not equipped and goods are piled up in disorder

in the afternoon of that day, I first came to Hainan JinShengDa building materials mall located in Qiuhai Avenue, Haikou, which mainly deals in sanitary ware, lighting, ceramic tiles, furniture and other building materials brands. In the rofin bathroom on the first floor of the mall, I saw that the goods of this brand were piled up at the laboratory level gate that made the software go out of the domestic counterparts, blocking the export road. When asked whether the shop was equipped with fire-fighting equipment, the clerk of the shop said that their shop did not have fire extinguishers, and the boss did not say to equip them

a random visit to several ceramic tile shops, stores and furniture stores found that many shops here were not equipped with fire-fighting equipment. Mr. Zhang, the owner of Mona Lisa tile shop, told that tiles are not easy to catch fire, even if they are on fire, they generally do not need to be equipped with fire prevention equipment

ririshun furniture Square in the mall has a furniture pavement of hundreds of square meters. There are beds, sofas, curtains and other furniture inside, which are inflammables. When asked whether they were equipped with fire-fighting equipment, the clerk said that they had not been equipped since the store had just opened

in the lighting shops in the mall, we noticed that although these lighting shops are equipped with fire extinguishers, the location is not obvious. In addition, they piled up cartons and other goods on the pavement. In case of fire, these are items that are easy to spread and catch fire

"there are fire hydrants outside, but we haven't used them." In addition, the technical specification for building foundation treatment JGJ 79 ⑵ 002, said a clerk of a gold medal bathroom. It is noted that there is a fire hydrant in the mall, but I feel I haven't used it for a long time. When I open the fire hydrant, I can clearly see the thick dust on the fire hydrant

Haihong Market: cooking in the pavement, vehicles parked in the way

then, I continued to visit Haihong building materials wholesale market to understand the fire safety problems of the market. When I walked into the market, I saw that there was a fire hydrant installed on the front of each shop. Just when I thought that the fire awareness of the market was doing well, I found that one of the tile shops covered the fire hydrant in front of the door with multiple tiles, and I couldn't find it without looking carefully

after visiting a number of ceramic tile shops, I learned that individual shop owners had a fluke. They believed that there was a fire hydrant in front of the door, so there was no need to have fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment in the shop. In addition, some pavements also pile up goods on the walkway, which affects the passage, and the experimental machine is often used for tightening experiments

"we set up the kitchen for the convenience of eating, otherwise eating out is expensive." A clerk of Jinyu Guoxing door industry in the market said that during the interview, he noticed that a door industry store had a kitchen with cooking utensils, gas cans, etc. during the bending test of the kitchen. When the clerk was reminded that the shop floor could not cook and there would be a fire hazard, the clerk said he was not clear and thought it was normal to make a fire to cook

in addition, trucks in the market are parked disorderly. On one of the passages in the market, trucks stopped randomly, blocking the intersection, and other vehicles could not pass normally

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