Fire prevention measures for household appliances

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Fire prevention measures for household appliances such as rice cookers, washing machines and refrigerators

there are many kinds of household appliances, but from the perspective of their working principle, they can be roughly divided into two categories: Electrothermal (such as electric ovens, electric ovens, in-depth pilot projects of water heaters, electric rice cookers, etc.) and non electrothermal (such as radios, televisions, video recorders, tape recorders, and their target capital is 4500 euros (US $4940) refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, etc.). The following is about the fire prevention measures of various household appliances

fire prevention measures for vacuum cleaners

power sockets should have sufficient capacity and should not be used at the same time with other household appliances with high power consumption, such as electric irons and electric heaters, so as to avoid overload and heating of electrical lines

the use time should not be too long. If the plastic shell of the barrel body is obviously heated by hand, it should be stopped for a period of time before continuing to use, so as to prevent the motor from burning due to overheating

vacuum cleaners should not be used in damp places to avoid short circuit and fire caused by damp motors

clean the dust on the filter bag (filter) immediately after each use to prevent the air inlet and exhaust outlet from being blocked by large objects, causing power reduction and motor overheating and fire. Not only the host, we are doing a good job

don't breathe matches, fireplace dust, cigarette butts and other smoking things into the vacuum cleaner, and don't use the vacuum cleaner to smoke the sundries in the ashtray and wastebasket, so as to avoid a fire

it is strictly forbidden to use vacuum cleaners in flammable and explosive dangerous places. Do not use vacuum cleaners in the cabin of rooms that have just used flammable liquids or sprayed paint, so as to avoid fire and explosion accidents

when using the vacuum cleaner, don't be panic when you find that the motor is smoking. You should immediately unplug the power cord, remove the hose of the air inlet nozzle, and move the vacuum cleaner to the area without combustibles around the aisle, balcony, etc; If the motor has caught fire and burned the plastic shell of the machine body, cover the vacuum cleaner with a quilt, blanket, etc. to isolate the air and suffocate the fire. If there are all kinds of portable fire extinguishers, they can be put out in case of power failure

after each use of the vacuum cleaner, be sure to unplug the power cord from the socket and store it well, so as to prevent children from playing with it and causing accidents

fire prevention measures for washing machines

do not put clothes that have just been scrubbed with flammable liquids such as gasoline into the washing machine immediately. Instead, you should take it to the air flowing outdoor to dry it, and then wash it with a washing machine after the flammable liquid absorbed in the clothing fiber evaporates. In addition, if too much clothes are put into the washing machine at one time, or the wave wheel is stuck by ropes, belt hairpins and other small objects, the load of the motor will be too heavy, and even stop rotating, which will lead to line heat, short circuit and fire. You should also pay attention to it when using

fire prevention measures for air conditioners

try to avoid air conditioners, such as curtains, or curtains made of flame-retardant fabrics. According to the past lessons, curtains are the main medium for the spread of fire in window air conditioners

when heating with an electric heating air conditioner, remember to cut off the power supply of the electric heating part when turning it off. If it needs to be cooled, it should be cooled for 2 minutes

do not cut off or connect the power supply of the air conditioner continuously in a short time. When the power is cut off or the power plug is unplugged, be sure to put the selection switch in the stop position. After the power is turned on, restart the operation according to the startup steps

the power consumption of general household air conditioners is kW, and the installation and connection of their power lines must meet the requirements that the rated current is not less than ampere, and they are equipped with separate overload protection devices

it doesn't just refer to the fire prevention measures of electric irons with technology and product innovation

operators should not leave easily when using electric irons with power on

during the interval of ironing clothes, the electric iron should be firmly placed or placed on a special electric iron rack. It must not be placed on inflammables, nor on iron plates or bricks with inflammables below

don't randomly put the electric iron that has just been powered off. Store it after it has completely cooled down. Industries that widely use electric irons, such as the clothing industry, should be managed by specially assigned personnel. Cut off the power supply after work, wait for cooling, and then store it in a special tool box made of non combustible materials

do not power on the ordinary electric iron for a long time to prevent the iron from overheating, ironing clothes and causing combustion. Different fabrics have different ironing temperatures, and there are great differences. Therefore, when ironing all kinds of fabrics, we should choose a temperature regulating electric iron. However, it should be noted that when the thermostat of the temperature regulating electric iron fails, it should be repaired in time, otherwise the temperature cannot be controlled and it is easy to cause a fire

do not damp the power socket of the electric iron and ensure that the plug is in close contact with the socket

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