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Insurance policy (property 1) model

People's Insurance Company of China

(headquartered in Beijing, 1949)

property insurance pay attention to the prominent part of the machine) insurance policy

Insurance Policy number number

according to the application of the insured, the people's Insurance Company of China (hereinafter referred to as the company) after the insured pays the agreed insurance premium, in accordance with the provisions of the terms and additional terms set out on the back, within the term of this insurance policy, This insurance policy is hereby issued to cover the following properties of the following insured


┌ ---------------------------- ∧

│ insured property and insured amount: │

│ │

┌ ------------------ ∧

┌ ---- ∧

. Total insured amount: │

--≑-------- --------- ⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶ12:00 noon │

ⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶⅶ-- -------- ┘

People's Insurance Company of China


property insurance clause

I, scope of insured property

all the insured property contained in this policy and the schedule, whether it is owned by the insured, kept for others, or jointly owned by others and held by the insured, is insured property

II. Specially insured property

gold and silver, pearl diamonds, precious stones, stamps, ancient coins, antiques, ancient books, ancient paintings, advanced works of art, and computer data are not included in the scope of insured property unless specifically agreed between the insured and the company and posted on the policy

however, the company will not underwrite securities, bills, cash, documents, accounts, drawings, guns and ammunition, and explosives

III. scope

the company is responsible for compensation for losses caused by the following reasons:

1. Fire, lightning, explosion or water pipe burst

2。 Storms, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, floods, tsunamis, hail disasters, landslides, avalanches, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, ground subsidence, underground fires

3。 Aircraft crash, aircraft parts or flying objects fall

IV, except

the company is not responsible for compensation for the following items

1。 Losses caused by war, similar acts of war, hostile acts, armed conflicts, confiscation, requisition, strikes, riots

2。 Loss caused by intentional act or gross negligence of the insured or its representative

3。 Losses directly or indirectly caused by nuclear reaction, nuclear radiation and radioactive pollution

4。 Roughness affects accuracy; The latter uses servo electromechanical equipment with high cost, which causes the loss of electrical appliances or electrical equipment itself due to overload, overvoltage, line contact, arc, electrification, short circuit and atmospheric discharge

5。 Any property loss caused by the change of the substance itself, heating, spontaneous combustion or baking

6。 Property destroyed by order of the authorities

7。 Indirect losses such as production stoppage or business interruption caused by the accident

8。 The insured properties stacked in the open air and under the canopy with reed mats, tarpaulins, thatch, and linoleum as the roof were damaged by the storm

9。 Other losses caused by disasters or accidents not covered by Article 3

v. compensation treatment

1. After the occurrence of a loss accident, the insured shall immediately notify the company and provide details in writing

2。 After the occurrence of loss, the insured shall take all necessary measures to minimize the loss, and the company can reimburse the cost of beneficial and reasonable measures, but not exceeding the insured amount of the property suffered loss

3。 When claiming compensation, the insured shall provide the insurance policy, loss list and other necessary documents. The claim period shall not exceed one year from the date of loss of the insured property

4。 When the insured property suffers losses within the scope of insurance, the compensation shall be calculated according to the current market price of the loss. If the total market price is lower than the insured amount, the compensation shall be made according to the market price. If the total market price is higher than the insured amount, the difference shall be considered as self insured by the insured, and the company shall compensate according to the proportion of the insured amount and the market price of the damaged property. If there is more than one property contained in this policy

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