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Tianjin glass door professional manufacturing and installation - Tianjin Kangfeng Decoration Co., Ltd.

Tianjin Kangfeng glass decoration Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and installing all kinds of glass doors, mainly undertaking businesses such as Tianjin glass doors, Tianjin glass partitions, Tianjin Office glass partitions, Tianjin maintenance glass doors, Tianjin installation glass doors, Tianjin installation glass partitions, Tianjin glass doors, Tianjin glass partitions, maintenance glass doors, installation glass doors Installation of glass partitions, glass partitions, office work is essential for glass partitions, shopping malls, home glass partitions and other difficult glass projects. Processing, production and installation are rapid, the product quality is excellent, and the public style is widely applicable to office space and departments. In addition, according to the needs of customers, we provide different design style choices, and have always been enthusiastic and sincere service spirit. Strive to make breakthroughs, continue to innovate, and carefully create a practical and beautiful domestic partition industry brand to make the office environment and living space more reasonable and perfect

Tianjin Kangfeng glass decoration company undertakes the production, installation and maintenance projects of various rolling shutter doors, electric rolling shutter doors, fire-proof rolling shutter doors, aluminum alloy rolling shutter doors, electric doors, fire-proof doors, anti-theft doors, sunshades, shutters, ironwork, fences, etc., and has a skilled and experienced construction team

1. Glass doors are generally made of tempered glass, which will have a good decorative effect and high safety. With the continuous development of technology, the function and application range of sliding doors are becoming wider and wider, from traditional plates to today's fabric, glass, rattan weaving, aluminum alloy profiles, etc., and from sliding doors and feeding relevant data back to people for reference, glass doors to partition doors, etc

2. The glass door is very practical, and the decoration is also very good, which can effectively save space, move easily, and have a good ventilation effect. The glass door has a novel style, which is easy to push and pull, and is very convenient to use. At the same time, it also has good performance of cold insulation, heat insulation, moisture-proof, fire prevention and sound insulation. The composite material industry belongs to a niche market. The glass door is not stained with oil smoke, and it is easy to clean, and it is not easy to change color to obtain the impact absorption energy of the metal sample, which is especially suitable for bathhouses, toilets and other places. It has a very long service life and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in work, workshops and super large places. It can be used for heat preservation, insect prevention, dust prevention, covering and blocking

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