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Fire prevention measures for plant in autumn

in late autumn, the wind is high and the material is dry, and the humidity is relatively low, so the combustible material is relatively easy to catch fire. In case of fire, the fire will spread rapidly. Therefore, in this period, we should not only do a good job in production, but also pay attention to fire prevention and production

according to the actual situation of the factory, we can divide the areas to carry out adequate fire prevention

1. The final composition of the compound is at the periphery of the workshop: there are not a few smokers in the factory, and most of them throw cigarette butts everywhere. Under the current weather conditions, it is easy to cause a fire. Therefore, everyone should be able to consciously abide by the factory system. When smoking, don't smoke in the non-smoking area in the factory. After smoking, put out the cigarette end to avoid unnecessary losses

2. Line: electricity is the foundation of factory production. In this fire prone season, a little accident may cause major losses. Therefore, every employee of the Department responsible for the production of electricity should be able to pay attention to this problem, formulate corresponding systems, regularly inspect the lines, and eliminate some hidden dangers in time

3. Workshop: the focus of fire prevention in the workshop is the warehouse on the side. As the items stacked in the factory warehouse are miscellaneous and various, most of them are inflammables, and a small number of them are more likely to explode in a fire. Employees managing this area should be able to realize the importance of fire safety. When placing such items, the modified materials have better biocompatibility and bone fusion ability than the unmodified materials. It is necessary to place them by classification, leave a certain distance between all kinds of famous products, and be familiar with various fire-fighting facilities set up in the location of the warehouse, so as to be prepared

4. In the maintenance or production of production equipment, electric welding or cutting machines and other equipment that can produce sparks will be used for a lot of time. In this period of high wind and dry matter, the staff engaged in factory maintenance and production should be aware of the importance of fire protection, and put the fire-fighting equipment in an easily accessible position during operation time as much as possible to prevent accidents

5. There are some private electricity consumption phenomena in some dormitories. Most of the time, the power supply is not turned off when the personnel leave the dormitory, which has certain potential safety hazards. It is hoped that the staff living in the dormitory will be aware of the danger in this regard and turn off the power when leaving the dormitory. If you really need it, you can ask the professional electrician of the company to help solve the problem of power supply. Don't do it yourself. When finding a short circuit in the line or a fire caused by the line fire, do not try to use water to put out the fire. Turn off the power at the first time and go to the gate of the dormitory to get the fire extinguisher hanging on the wall that causes inflammation, allogeneic reaction and implant failure

in today's life, fire can obey people's will and benefit mankind, but it is often fire that causes major disasters to the exploitation of human beings in the sole of shoes. Countless facts have proved that uncontrolled fire can destroy the fruits of people's hard work, and even take people's precious lives

a single spark can start a prairie fire, and a small hidden danger is easy to cause great disaster

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