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Fire prevention measures during rubber processing

regularly inspect the measuring system and drive system for overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, overload, etc.

the main raw materials of the rubber processing industry are raw rubber, compounding agents and skeleton materials. Raw rubber includes natural rubber, synthetic rubber and reclaimed rubber; Compounding agents refer to fillers, reinforcing agents, vulcanizing agents, accelerators and various additives; The skeleton material allows the electronic tensile testing machine to continue to stretch the standard tensile sample, which is a variety of materials that maintain the shape of the product and improve the strength, such as natural fiber, chemical fiber, steel wire, etc. Most of the raw materials of rubber products are inflammable and explosive substances. A large amount of gasoline, benzene and acetone are used as solvents in the processes of beating, gluing and forming in the production process. The processes of rubber refining, calendering, gluing, forming and cloth cutting are very easy to generate static electricity and cause fire

1. Strictly control the open fire from the hard brittle shape to the sticky strong shape, and carefully observe the safety regulations

2. The workplace where solvents are used should have good ventilation and exhaust facilities, and flammable solvents should not be stored in excess in the workplace

3. Effective electrostatic elimination measures must be taken for processes with electrostatic hazards in the production process. Properly increasing the humidity in the air of the workshop is the best way to reduce electrostatic hazards; In rubber processing, using electrostatic eliminator to ionize air is an effective method to eliminate static electricity

4. Reduce or eliminate other ignition sources. There is flammable liquid or steam stored. 1: the place where the experiment is not conducted for a long time should adopt the ground without sparks; Tools shall be made of copper alloy; All electrical equipment shall be explosion-proof

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