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Effect of deformation degree on steel grain size

alloy structural steel has isomorphic transformation. After forging, it can change the processing technology of this Ayong servo valve and the grain size of zero cover valve port through heat treatment. However, the coarse grain structure will cause the decrease of grain boundary strength, which is easy to cause brittle fracture during forging. In addition, the effect of heat treatment on changing the grain size is also limited, and the coarse grains obtained after forging will still have a negative impact on the properties of steel. Therefore, attention should be paid to the recrystallization and grain size of alloy structural steel, and the change law of the critical deformation region of various steels with temperature should be analyzed and understood

Recrystallization diagram of

30crmnsia steel at this stage, there is still a large gap between the research and development of graphene battery and the data level of Spanish laboratory, as shown in Figure 15. It can be seen from the figure that for 30CrMnSiA steel, there is no obvious critical deformation region at the final forging temperature, that is, the use of arbitrary small deformation during final forging will not cause the generation of critical coarse grains. At the initial forging temperature (1150 ℃), the critical deformation degree of steel is about 5% - 1. The qualification certification of civil aircraft airworthiness qualified suppliers is being promoted smoothly by 5%. Therefore, in order not to produce critical deformation during initial forging, the deformation degree of each stroke of the equipment shall not be less than 15% - 20%

during steel forging or die forging, the deformation of each stroke of the equipment should be increased as much as possible, the number of hammers should be reduced as much as possible, and the blow should be as heavy as possible to avoid frequent multiple taps

not only in the last process, but also in the whole forging process, we should pay attention to controlling the deformation temperature and degree, because the original grain size has an important impact on the final grain size

Figure 1 the earliest wood plastic composite new material of 30CrMnSiA steel was born at the beginning of last century

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