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The market competition is fierce, and the market space of furniture and hardware is getting smaller and smaller.

the total area of Guangzhou home building materials store exceeds 1million square meters. Such a large number of stores have launched fierce market competition in various regions of Guangzhou. The market space of Guangzhou hardware dealers is getting smaller and smaller, and business is becoming more and more difficult

in the taipingsha area of Beijing Road in Guangzhou, there were hundreds of hardware firms a few years ago, but now there are only about 30. The number of hardware shops on Taikang Road next to Beijing road has also been reduced from hundreds to 20. The old houses on Beijing Road and Taikang Road have been gradually demolished in recent years, and there are fewer and fewer hardware shops. In the past, the best hardware store in Guangzhou was Taikang decorative materials city located in Beijing Road business district. The location of the store is superior and the business atmosphere is hot. With the acceleration of the transformation and upgrading of the old urban area of Guangzhou, Taikang decorative materials city was moved to the west of Jiangnan the year before last, which is now the new Taikang. It takes a long time for the popularity of new stores to accumulate, and the business can't be compared with that of old Taikang. Moreover, xintaikang is a comprehensive store of various building materials, and there are not many hardware stores

Tianjian, another large decorative material store in Guangzhou, has a history of nearly 10 years. At the beginning of operation, it was positioned as a professional hardware store, focusing on wholesale business. In the most brilliant years of previous years, Tianjian had thousands of hardware enterprises or hardware dealers settled in, and the whole store was basically full. However, because the store is located in shatai Road, Baiyun District, and its geographical location is relatively remote, its popularity has never been very prosperous. The author learned from Tianjian recently that the number of hardware merchants in the store has decreased by at least 40% since last year, and 20% of the stores have posted signs of transfer or closed directly in terms of innovation ability. The author sees that the B Hall of the store has been changed into the cabinet family hall and settled in the wardrobe and cabinet enterprises; Hall D has been transformed into a logistics park and settled in logistics enterprises. It is estimated that the number of hardware shops in this store will be further reduced. Tianpingjia decoration city (located in Tianhe District), which is only a few miles away from Tianjian, and Nan'an Road Decoration Materials City, which is located in Liwan District, are both comprehensive building materials markets, but they are popular because of their good geographical location and more than ten years of business history. The author learned recently that the business of these two stores' hardware stores is still normal, but compared with previous years, the performance is still that the axis of the sample should coincide with the centerline of the upper and lower fixtures, with a certain decline

with the decline of market demand, 30% of hardware stores are facing elimination

as a first-class city, Guangzhou, with the in-depth regulation of the real estate market, the trading volume of the real estate market continues to decline, and the demand for building materials also decreases sharply. There are too many hardware stores in the home building materials stores, and the supply exceeds the demand. It is estimated that about 30% of the stores will be eliminated by the market. For the hardware industry, Guangzhou is not a production base, with fewer and fewer production enterprises, but a consumer market. However, the local market capacity in Guangzhou is limited. A large number of downstream enterprises such as furniture, cabinets, wardrobes, doors and windows and other manufacturers are basically looking for hardware factories in Foshan, Zhongshan, Gaoyao and other surrounding areas to supply directly. And 2. Complete damage: electrostatic discharge damage merchants are also becoming more and more smart. At the Canton Fair and other exhibitions, merchants have a fancy for a certain kind of hardware products. With the developed transportation in the Pearl River Delta, they can easily go to the surrounding areas of Guangzhou for factory inspection and fully understand the qualification and scale of production enterprises. Therefore, many hardware enterprises do not need to spend money to set up branches in Guangzhou

according to Director Zhao of the marketing department of Mingmen lock industry, a large hardware lock enterprise, there are thousands of dealers in Mingmen lock industry across the country. The sales volume of dealers in the primary and secondary markets has decreased, while the sales volume of dealers in the tertiary and tertiary markets has increased. It can be predicted that dealers or manufacturers' Direct stores with good locations, big brands and good reputation will become the main force of Guangzhou hardware market, accounting for most of the wholesale and retail market share of Guangzhou hardware

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