The hottest market closed yesterday in Linyi 11

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Yesterday, Linyi market closed

yesterday, the market situation in Linyi continued to be stable. Affected by the weather, there were few transactions in the market, but no dealers sold goods at low prices. Due to the continuous rise of crude oil, most dealers are optimistic about the short-term market. Closing quotation: Qilu high voltage tn26 is quoted at 10600 yuan/ton, domestic linear TPU is used for 1 series of 3D printing, and the utilization price is between yuan/ton, the imported linear quotation is between yuan/ton, the low-voltage film 6098 is quoted at 10250 yuan/ton, the quotation of other brands is between yuan/ton, the quotation of domestic low-voltage wire drawing is between yuan/ton, the quotation of imported low-voltage wire drawing is about 10300 yuan/ton, the quotation of plastic injection is about 10400 yuan/ton, and the quotation of polypropylene pellets is about 10500 yuan/ton, The quotation of powder is 10250 yuan/ton, if the whole carbon fiber composite material is used

yesterday, some domestic petrochemicals rose slightly, most of them remained stable, domestic ports and plastic markets remained stable, and the trading volume improved slightly

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