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Weak market confidence glass low consolidation

Market Review: fg1401 opened slightly higher at 1377 points in the morning, rose to 1382 points and then fell rapidly. It fluctuated narrowly at 1375 points in the session, and closed down slightly by noon

in terms of news: HSBC China's comprehensive PMI data (including manufacturing and service industries) for August released on September 4 showed that the largest experimental force of the exchange limited the HSBC China comprehensive output index to 51.8 from 49.5 in July, the strongest since March; The HSBC China service industry business activity index will also generate a foam, rising to 52.8 from 51.3 in July, ending the relatively slow growth for four months, with a total investment of about 500million yuan. The new Syrian resolution of the U.S. Senate limits U.S. military action to 60 days, which may be extended by 30 days, and no ground troops may be sent. The Senate may vote on this resolution tonight

spot market: entering September, the weather turns cool, which is suitable for real estate decoration construction. The demand for glass increases month on month. The production enterprises gradually raise prices slightly, and the enthusiasm of distribution channels to pick up goods is general. In terms of the average price of factory and warehouse, it is 1542 yuan/ton in East China; 1200 yuan/ton in North China; 1565 yuan/ton in South China; 1351 yuan/ton in Central China; 1390 yuan/ton in Shandong. In terms of inventory, the inventory this week was 27.25 million heavy boxes, compared with the previous value of 27.17 million heavy boxes, an increase of 80000 heavy boxes month on month, and short-term supply exceeded demand

operation suggestions: fg1401 fluctuated narrowly in the morning and closed slightly negative in the afternoon. Technically, the main long positions continue to increase, with strong support below, but market confidence is still weak; In the afternoon, it depends on whether yesterday's closing price of 1374 can constitute an effective support and maintain a low consolidation trend in the near future. In terms of operation, bulls can try to buy more at a low price, while bears are cautious in holding positions. Pay attention to 1374 support points and refer to interval points. The content of this article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Accordingly, investors should strengthen the convergence of industrial talents at their own risk

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