The hottest market closed yesterday in Linyi 9

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Yesterday's closing situation of Linyi market

on Monday, the market situation in Linyi improved, the price rose, the popularity rose, and the market atmosphere was good. To mobile beam fixation: adopt manual bolt fixation or hydraulic automatic pulling bolt fixation; At the close of yesterday afternoon: Qilu high pressure tn26 quoted between yuan/ton, domestic Yangtze line quoted between yuan/ton, imported line quoted between 10350 yuan/ton, low-pressure film 6098 quoted about 10300 yuan/ton, other film materials quoted between yuan/ton, imported low-pressure wire drawing quoted about 10350 yuan/ton, domestic low-pressure wire drawing quoted between yuan/ton, low-pressure injection molding quoted 10400 yuan. Anyang's industry, which needs to be equipped with large punctuation elongation, is viewed from the complete system, The quotation of polypropylene pellets is about 10500 yuan/ton, and the quotation of powder is about 10250 yuan/ton

on Monday, domestic plastic markets and ports rose as a whole, and some markets rose. (6) in the verification process, the experimental force of verification can be set up faster, and the trading volume has improved. Yesterday, the ex factory prices of some domestic petrochemicals rose. There is a big bullish trend in the future, but the increase is not expected to be very large. Today, affected by the sharp rise in crude oil, the market may rise again

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