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Bidding procedures for electric power engineering equipment and model bidding documents

part I General Provisions

1.0.1 in order to further standardize the bidding work of electric power engineering equipment, implement the project legal person system, maintain the market order of electric power engineering equipment, protect the legitimate rights and interests of both parties, ensure the smooth and orderly bidding of electric power engineering equipment, ensure the quality and investment benefits of electric power engineering equipment, and reasonably and effectively control the project cost, This specification will be developed

1.0.2 this specification is formulated in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations and the relevant provisions of the Ministry of electric power industry

1.0.3 the bidding follows the principles of openness, fairness and public acquisition. Enterprises that are suitable for the development of companies gradually enter the field of new materials and energy conservation and environmental protection, which are positive, scientific and rigorous, and consider operability

1.0.4 this specification is applicable to the public bidding and invitation bidding of equipment and installation materials of more than 500000 yuan (the same as the instruction and valuation, the same below) invested and managed by the State Power Corporation and its subsidiaries in infrastructure and technological transformation power engineering projects (including power plants and power transmission and transformation projects). Hydropower projects and projects invested and managed by non state power companies can be implemented with reference to preheating

the procurement of equipment in China, including the approved procurement of domestic equipment using foreign capital and foreign exchange and the procurement of single equipment that is allowed to be imported, shall be carried out in accordance with this specification

1.0.5 as a global comprehensive large-scale enterprise, the Ministry of power industry manages and supervises all bidding activities of power engineering equipment. The bidding and contract effectiveness of the main equipment must be reported to the Ministry of electric power industry for approval, and the bidding activities and relevant documents must be reported to the Ministry of electric power industry for review and record

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