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Market and production double excessive packaging industry to find the power of control

"at present, the understanding of excessive packaging in society is mostly limited to the concept of moon cake box luxury packaging, which is easy to confuse the public. In fact, more serious excessive packaging has not attracted enough attention at present, such as multi-layer carton packaging; some have been forgotten, such as plastic bags and foaming plastic tableware that cause white pollution." Huang Shanxiang, director of Jiangsu packaging science and Technology Information Committee, said

Huang Shanxiang was the first Secretary General of Jiangsu Packaging Association and the first director of China Packaging Technology Association. He has studied China's packaging industry for more than 20 years, He said: "the over packaging that ordinary people know is still superficial at present, and it is not the main thing. The main purpose of controlling over packaging is to save resources. Although the total amount of resources wasted by luxury moon cake boxes is amazing, it is still insignificant compared with the resource waste caused by real over packaging."

the consumption of weight polyurethane insulation materials shows a linear increasing trend. The waste of corrugated boxes is amazing.

corrugated paper is a very excellent packaging material, which can replace wood, plastic, and recycled. It is a green packaging material. At present, corrugated paper accounts for 66% of all packaging materials in Asia. It is reported that China's corrugated board production currently ranks second in the world, second only to the United States, but the utilization efficiency of the two countries is very different. At present, corrugated cartons are divided into three layers, five layers and seven layers. The three-layer cartons in the United States account for 90% of the total cartons, and the five layer and seven layer cartons account for less than 10%; In China, five Ply Cartons account for more than 80% of the total cartons, while three ply corrugated cartons account for only a little more than 10%

it is understood that the production technology, process and quality of the cardboard used to process cartons in China and the United States are roughly the same, which can meet the requirements of container transportation. "The production of cartons with high strength, low gram weight and light weight in the United States has long become the most common common knowledge. After seven or eight years of popularization, China has also achieved the low gram weight and high strength of paper for carton production, but there is no enterprise to think about and no one to do the lightweight of five layer cartons to three-layer cartons." Huang Shanxiang said that China not only does not have lightweight corrugated boxes, but also has a very single application in corrugated board, which also causes a waste of resources

Huang Shanxiang said, "60% of Japan's corrugated cardboard is used to process Cartons, and 40% is used to manufacture other products, such as pallets, furniture, toys, daily garbage cans, etc. it can be said that Japan's corrugated cardboard has been diversified and socialized, while China's corrugated cardboard is still single and one-sided. I can't think that corrugated cardboard can also manufacture other products." According to Huang Shanxiang, at present, only Guangdong Shenzhen Lijia International (carton) group in China has diversified cardboard products and made ordinary corrugated cardboard into various exquisite wine sets, jewelry boxes, commodity display boards, etc

there is a serious surplus of carton production lines

it is reported that Zhejiang had more than 200 corrugated production lines in 2002, with an annual production capacity of 3.5 billion ~ 4 billion square meters. With the single-sided machines of nearly 1000 enterprises, Zhejiang's annual production capacity is as high as 14 billion square meters. In the past two years, while eliminating the single-sided machine, Zhejiang has successively put on many cardboard production lines, with equipment and output exceeding two-thirds of the consumption

"the situation in Jiangsu and Zhejiang is similar. This year, there are 350 corrugated production lines in Jiangsu, and the annual production capacity is as high as more than 10 billion square meters, while the annual market demand in Jiangsu is only more than 3 billion square meters." Huang Shanxiang said, "in China's economically developed regions, the corrugated box industry has invested too much, and the production line and production capacity have been seriously surplus." He believes that China's corrugated box industry has been developing blindly without control for a long time, and enterprises have been keeping up with each other, causing not only vicious competition, but also a large waste of resources

according to Huang Shanxiang, some enterprises in Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Changzhou and other regions of Jiangsu have been in trouble. He believed that the control of excessive packaging should not only solve the surface problems, but also some deep-seated problems, which should attract people's attention

to solve the problem of excessive packaging depends on the market and law

experts believe that excessive packaging has a long history, which is basically caused by market demand and inadequate management. To solve the problem of excessive packaging, in addition to the way of the market, we should formulate very detailed standards for all kinds of packaging and clarify them in the form of legal provisions, so as to strengthen the management of commodity manufacturers

first of all, excessive packaging is mainly caused by market demand

luguicheng, Executive Deputy Secretary General of Jiangsu Packaging Technology Association, believes that market demand has directly led to the emergence and prevalence of luxury packaging and even excessive packaging. Luguicheng believes that the excessive packaging of goods is not mainly in the packaging enterprises, because the packaging industry is only a supporting service of other industries, and will not become a commodity independently. Packaging enterprises will produce corresponding products only after receiving orders. Xu Zhiwei, President of Jiangsu Longliqi group, also admitted that the luxury packaging and even excessive packaging are not in the packaging enterprises. The impact resistance is mainly controlled by the start/stop control circuit, which is caused by commodity manufacturers and sellers

secondly, industry practices cannot restrict enterprises, so it is necessary to formulate a detailed packaging standard

"at present, China has not formulated a 'degree' standard for various packaging materials, and enterprises cannot grasp it." Luguicheng believes that packaging should meet the three functions of protecting goods, beautifying and transmitting relevant information, and providing convenience to consumers, but this is only a theoretical thing. At present, there is no regulation on how to standardize

Huang Shanxiang believes that the problem of excessive packaging cannot be discussed in general, but should be listed one by one, explained clearly, and clarified in the form of laws and regulations

third, standards alone cannot prevent excessive packaging, which must rely on market means and legal provisions

Shen Zhong, section chief of Jiangsu solid hazardous waste registration and management center, said, "the problem of excessive packaging arises from the market, and we should use the power of the market to solve it." He believes that the issue of compulsory recycling packaging involves producers, sellers, users and recyclers of products (including channels and production), which is extremely complex. At this stage, a more realistic approach may be to formulate policies to encourage recycling

Huang Shanxiang also believes that it is difficult to effectively control excessive packaging only by formulating a few standards and administrative orders, but also rely on legal means to solve this problem. (author: Zhu Xudong, Xinhua News Agency)

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