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PE plastic board has excellent performance or can resist external corrosion

the performance of PE plastic board is similar to that of wood, and can be used for sawing, drilling, extrusion, etc., but this kind of board has stronger corrosion resistance. "The weather in the zoo is humid, because we need to clean the animal shelter almost every day. And frequent contact with water also makes the wooden plywood no longer rise and decay faster." The zoo's cleaning staff added

according to the staff, tourists can see renewable plastics everywhere from signs, animal walls, fences, bird cages, etc

pe board has excellent resistance to most domestic and industrial chemicals, and can resist the erosion of most acids, alkalis, organic solutions and hot water. "Stokbord plastic board produced from renewable PE is more sustainable and durable than the wooden board we used before. This material has a wide range of uses, from bird cages, frog houses to signs of various shapes and sizes. We need this kind of plastic." Chester Zoo collar this kind of material can provide a heat barrier for today's large spacecraft and high-temperature equipment. Tony Ankers appreciates the PE plastic plate series

previously, Chester Zoo in England turned plastic into treasure and reused it to give full play to the use value of plastic. It is reported that the US FDA has approved seven tissue-engineered products to be listed. The waste plastics used in the zoo are exclusively provided by centriforceproducts in the UK, mainly including renewable HDPE, LDPE film and plastic bottles

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