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Early trends of PE in Linyi plastic market

this morning, the market situation in Linyi was poor, and some dealers pressed down prices and were eager to export. Now Yangzi linear has quoted 10300 yuan/ton, and the transaction price may even be lower. The quotation of imported linear is between yuan/ton. The supply of goods in Qilu high voltage tn26 market is tight, but the quotation of 11400 yuan/ton can still be compared through experiments, but this price is significantly higher than the surrounding market. Although the quotation of two chucks on other low-voltage polypropylene devices has not changed much, the real transaction price has also fallen slightly

now, due to the gradual disappearance of surrounding benefits, international crude oil has declined for two consecutive days, and some dealers have psychological panic. It is expected that today's market will mainly oscillate slightly, and the trading volume will fall into a downturn again

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