The hottest PE morning trends in Tianjin market

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PE morning dynamics in Tianjin market

PE morning dynamics in Tianjin market at 9:12 on July 12, 2005, after the Huicong plastic industry Tianjing had a detailed evaluation and analysis in the hydraulic rotation, Tianjin 8 Measure and record the important size of continuous samples (it should be measured when the samples are cooled to room temperature). Affected by the decline of crude oil for three consecutive trading days and the decline of monomer, the market atmosphere is poor. Although the quotation is stable, there is a certain gap with the actual transaction price. At present, market participants are unstable, confused about the future trend, and mainly wait-and-see. Report 10200 yuan/ton for 5502, 10600 yuan/ton for 6098 and 10550 yuan/ton for e52009. 7042 Qilu reported 10300 yuan/ton. Tn26 quoted 10900 yuan/ton

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