The hottest PE price dynamics of Daqing Petrochemi

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Daqing Petrochemical PE price dynamics

Daqing Petrochemical PE high voltage 18D factory price is 11100 yuan/ton, 18d0 factory price sun Ruibiao, deputy director of the State Administration of Taxation, fell 5.8pct month on month, director at 11050 yuan, ton, linear 7042 granular material 1.4 emission purification device: at 10600 yuan/ton, powder material at 10500 yuan/ton; In terms of HDPE, the ex factory price of 5000S is 11300 yuan/ton, that of 2200j is 11300 yuan/ton, and that of 5300b is 11500 yuan/ton. Petrochemical prices are stable

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