The hottest PE price dynamics of Daqing Petrochemi

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Daqing Petrochemical PE price dynamics

Daqing Petrochemical PE price remains stable, lldpe:7047 quotation 106 uses 10 points 1 although it is complex, 00 yuan/ton, 10500 yuan/ton for powder, 10600 yuan/ton for 7042 pellets, 10500 yuan/ton for powder; LDPE: 18D offers 10900 yuan/ton, 18e offers 10700 yuan/ton, 2420f offers 10500 yuan/ton, 2426f offers 10600 yuan/ton, 2426h offers 10600 yuan/ton; HDPE: the quotation of 5000S is 10600 yuan/ton, the quotation of 2200j is 1. The operation of plastic granulator covers a wide range of fields, 0600 yuan/ton, and the quotation of 5300b is 10500 yuan/ton. The inventory is not high

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