The hottest PVC market is beginning to improve, an

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It is too early to judge the final outcome of the initial improvement of the PVC market

due to the systematic rebound of PVC futures, the domestic spot PVC market has been affected by the rise of futures, the mentality of merchants has significantly improved, and the market trading atmosphere has gradually returned. Although there is still a certain supply pressure in the market at present, the current futures spot price difference has widened, and the arbitrage space has emerged. Due to the short-term supply shortage in the recent overhaul of PVC enterprises, some businesses are not in a hurry to ship at a low price. It is strictly prohibited to replace the mandrel and change the angle and speed regulation during the operation, which has a strong bullish atmosphere in the short term. According to the latest market transaction volume statistics, the downstream purchase volume has not yet been replied, and it is not obvious how the final market will achieve better development in the future

at the same time, the international peripheral environment is gradually improving, which is easy to be dispersed and mixed. The domestic PMI in February was 51.0%, up 0.5 percentage points from the previous month. The index rebounded for three consecutive months, and the economic side improved slightly. With the strong support of PVC raw material costs and many factors in the later stage, most people are optimistic in the short term

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