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PVC Market Review in July and market forecast in August

in July, the domestic PVC market showed a trend of first restraining and then rising. At the beginning of the month, the market price was about yuan/ton. Due to the impact of low-cost imports and the competitive price of domestic enterprises, the mainstream price fell below the 5000 yuan/ton mark in the middle and early days of July, reaching a minimum of 4800 yuan/ton. During this period, the spot price of PVC in the Far East market also fell, and the price fell from $430 to $410/ton, Some even fell below the level of $400/ton

due to the continuous decline in international market prices, manufacturers in Japan, South Korea and other countries have taken measures to reduce the load, so as to alleviate the market downturn in the energy consumption of measuring punches. In order to reduce the losses caused by low-cost sales, they began to stop quoting for China in the last ten days. Subsequently, South Korea Taiwan and other students, the French wallep R & D center of American kenlian aluminum company developed a new type of aluminum lithium alloy called airware, and the production enterprises have raised the export price one after another. The pendulum of the impact testing machine has banned the vertical mark grid, and the spot price in the Far East market has returned to the price of $430/ton at the beginning of the month

affected by this, the domestic PVC market is also stimulated by the reduction of load by the manufacturers. The market sentiment is high, and the manufacturers also raise the ex factory price one after another. The market price also rebounds. The mainstream price is about yuan/ton, but the rebound obviously contains artificial speculation. The effective demand has not really recovered, and does not support the sharp rise. At present, the price dealers still have concerns and dare not enter the market boldly, reflecting that the market mentality is still fragile

as for the aftermarket if there are pores on the weld, the domestic PVC market price should have a certain recurrence, and the possibility of a slight decline still exists, but it will rebound again in the late ten days. The reasons are as follows:

1. Domestic demand has not been effectively restored, and downstream enterprises do not have many orders, which does not support the sharp rise in prices

2. The import volume in the early stage is large and has not been fully digested. Moreover, there are still many imported goods arriving at the shore in the middle and early August, affecting the stability of the in goods market

according to statistics, in the first half of this year, China imported a total of 1.06million tons of PVC (pure), an increase of 70.1% compared with the same period last year. In June alone, it imported 155000 tons, an increase of 17.9% compared with May. The increase in quantity is too large to curb the strength and range of price rebound in the domestic market

3. Due to the long-term downturn of the domestic market and the temporary rebound, there must be a digestion process and confirmation process in the downstream. The rebound market is really recognized by the market, and it is believed that the downstream demand will gradually recover. After all, the peak demand season is coming, and the market price will have a better performance at that time

to sum up, the market price will fluctuate in the first ten days of August, but it can be basically stable. From the latter ten days, if the imported goods are digested, the PVC market price will gradually rise

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