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The recent market situation of PVC in the Middle East

the PVC market in the Middle East continues to be stable, and the transaction price has not changed much. Although some users have a boycott attitude, it is difficult for them to change the rising trend of the market. At the same time, the impact of the war on the market is also increasing. Suppliers are eager to strive for profits. The war will cause more experimental requirements to rise in oil prices and affect the rising cost of PVC, This is also an important reason for the recent surge in PVC prices. It is understood that Turkey plans to implement anti-dumping measures against PVC resins from the United States, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Greece, Israel, Italy and Romania, which will affect the rise in import costs, ranging from the U.S. dollar to the U.S. dollar. Pakistan's internal demand is getting weaker and weaker, but exports are active, which supports the fact that PVC inventories have not increased. Generally, the price of exports to Australia is USD CFR, The Indian market is flat, and users can't accept the transaction of rupee, but the suppliers still don't have inventory pressure, and they continue to adhere to a tough attitude. In addition, it is understood that India began to reduce the import tariff of 5% PVC in March, which has also affected the consumption of downstream users to a certain extent. Everyone is waiting for the low price transaction after tax reduction

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