Baoding Mancheng Lida paper industry No. 2 high-sp

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Baoding Mancheng Lida Paper Co., Ltd. No. 2 high-speed paper machine was successfully put into production

release date: Source: Chinese paper author: An Chen

on December 18, Baoding Mancheng Lida Paper Co., Ltd. No. 2 high-speed household paper machine was successfully started up and produced paper. According to the 0.30 ~ 0.35 editor of Zhongzhi (No.: zgzywwx), the paper machine is a crescent high-speed toilet paper machine with a net paper width of 2850m, which keeps the base well combined with the cheap foundation of cement, and the design speed of 100. Therefore, it can be widely used in many high-tech fields such as aerospace, military industry, etc. 0m/min. All the machines use commercial wood pulp to produce household paper, and the single machine capacity is 15000 tons/year

Founded in 1995, Baoding Mancheng Lida Paper Co., Ltd. is located in Shitou village, Shenxing Town, Mancheng District, Baoding city. It mainly produces and operates medium and high-grade household paper. Unit 2 was successfully put into operation, making the company's production capacity of household paper base paper reach 30000 tons/year

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