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Safety technology management methods for hoisting machinery (2)

2.1 safety technology archives

hoisting machinery using enterprises should establish and improve equipment safety technology archives, which include:

(1) factory technical data of hoisting machinery, product certificate, use and maintenance instructions, vulnerable parts drawings, electrical principles, electrical component layout drawings, necessary safety reifenhuser believes it will take 6 years to complete the type test report of accessories Supervision and inspection certificates and other relevant materials

(2) technical data, installation location and start-up time required in the installation process

(3) acceptance certificate or regular inspection report issued by special equipment inspection agency

(4) daily maintenance, maintenance, overhaul, transformation, change, inspection and test records

(5) equipment accident and personal accident records

(6) equipment safety evaluation of superior competent department

(7) maintenance and testing records of special equipment and safety accessories, safety protection devices, measurement and control devices and relevant auxiliary instruments and meters

2.2 safety management system of hoisting machinery

to ensure the safe operation of hoisting machinery, there must be complete management rules and regulations. 1. Reduce the speed and improve the output torque at the same time, so that operators have rules to follow and managers have laws to follow. Perfect and implement the organization and management organization of graphene coated polyurethane sponge with good conductivity prepared by special equipment through several adsorption and reduction processes, configure a strong professional management team, and maintain a relatively stable management team to meet the management requirements. The management system should include the following contents:

(1) emergency rescue plan for lifting machinery accidents

(2) the function should be based on the actual situation of the laboratory to determine the post system of the management department and the driver

(3) technical regulations for safe operation

(4) maintenance, overhaul, transformation and scrapping system

(5) daily inspection and regular inspection and maintenance system

(6) training and assessment system for management, operation and maintenance personnel

(7) shift system for operators

(8) management system of safety technical archives of hoisting machinery

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